Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Master Plan Has Vision

Aug 12th


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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in Chalk River, Ontario.


       Times are certainly changing…

   This weekend I was able to travel through the CNL gates with cameras in hand. I have also been granted access to work with and promote any clients in our construction industry doing work on site. 

    Steven Innes, Manager of Laboratory Renewal Projects at CNL, gave a presentation about the site and the “Master Plan” for the next decade. One of the five major projects will be at the entry gates. A new Logistics/Warehouse Facility will save delivering drivers from maneuvering large trucks in the heart of CNL buildings and down the long eight kilometre plant Road.

 A new Research Centre, Business Hub, Support Facility and Switchyard will revitalize CNL and its travel systems. Much of the planning has allowed for expansion including room for two more phases of construction to the Business Hub that will be able to hold 600 extra workers.

    It is important to note that CNL’s operating licence is up for renewal in 2018. That approval will see our National Capital Heavy Construction Association (NCHCA) and Ottawa Construction Association (OCA) members continue to service the CNL infrastructure vision for years to come.


Entering the CNL campus.




Several large heavy equipment displays were set-up in the parking-lot.


CNL has a complete fire station on site.





A beautiful Eastway tanker truck.


Site renderings of the new facilities on display.



Parking lot displays with wash tent.



Safety gear.


Sewer camera with display screen.


under the display tent.




Building 700.



The new Harriet Brooks Building.


The NRU Building.











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