Barrett Jackson Northeast 2017 Draws Record Numbers

Jun 25th


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2017 Barrett Jackson NorthEast at the Mohegan Sun.


   We came equipped with bidder and media passes to the 2017 Barrett Jackson Northeast at Mohegan Sun. The location from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was an easy 700 kms south, or 437 miles. 

    The big finale on Saturday had us glued to our seats. Once again, all brands and years were represented on the four day event. Sixty minutes after the first car crossed the block you could not find a seat. With many cars  over 100K, it was certainly and impressive sale!

    Although many people were from the local surrounding areas of New York, Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, bidders and attendees came from all over the the US and Canada to view this spectacle of collector cars and automobilia.

    The Mohegan Sun venue would rival any in Vegas. We even took our turn at some black jack, roulette and the occasional slot machine while taking in the spectacular ambience inside the casino. The Barrett Jackson/Mohegan Sun partnership solidified itself in just the second event together with sell-out crowds and a full docket.

    Barrett Jackson charity auctions are now closing in on $100M over their 47 years of business. Darrell Gwynn’s Charity was the recipient of a $50,000 hammer price of Lot #3002, a super-custom Ford Transit Connect.

    Here are just a few sights from our experience on Saturday from the block.

Final Saturday results HERE.


Lot #649 crossing the block.


Many exotic crossed the block on Saturday.


Barrett Jackson crowd packed the Mohegan Sun venue.


Auctioneers line up on stage for the National Anthem.


The large American flag that hangs at all Barrett Jackson events.


Auctioneers salute the military in attendance.


Dropping the hammer at Barrett Jackson NorthEast 2017.


Coming up from the staging lanes.







Barrett Jackson workers push cars off the block.



The Judge!




Craig Jackson on the block at Barrett Jackson NorthEast.


Darrell Gwynn preparing for the charity auction.


(LtoR) Craig Jackson, Dennis Collins and Steve Davis on the block at Barrett Jackson.



Lot #702.


Charity auction time at Barrett Jackson.


Darrell Gwynn(front left) poses for pictures during the charity auction.


The Boss custom truck.


Lot #677 custom truck rolling off the block.


Craig Jackson chatting with his crew on the block.


Some big money was spent on Saturday.


cars crossing the Pennzoil Stage after crossing the block.



Vaughn Gittin Jr.(M) on the block watching his car roll across the block.


Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s all carbon fibre RTR-C Ford Mustang.


Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s all carbon fibre RTR-C Ford Mustang.



IMSA Lights Race Car.



Craig Jackson & Steve Davis, chatting on the block.









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