Ottawa 420 All Smoke No Fire.

Apr 21st


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Welcome to the 2017 edition of 420.


It had been seven years since my visits to Parliament for the Ottawa edition of 420. With all the “Buzz” around legalization, I expected a massive crowd to assemble on the front lawn of our Capital Building. This years crowd was smaller and a lot less enthusiastic than the previous event in 2010.

Lets be serious for a second, I think almost everyone is O.K. with the direction and speed to which the social acceptance and pending new laws are to be ushered in respectively. At this point as well, most police officers are more tolerant towards the hippy lettuce and its pending legislation or legalization.

So what is the purpose of 420? Perhaps it’s a simple public celebration of cannabis. My experience, although visually fun, was lacking in game-changing talent or VIP’s. No MPP’s, no city council members, no local celebrities or recognizable face to put with this event. As socially acceptable as marijuana has become, other than 420, much of the real cannabis movement will not be put on public display.


A large, youthful crowd on the lawn of Parliament Hill.


4:20pm, April 20th, 2017.


420 Tattoo from a loyal member of the cannabis culture.


Many brought bongs to the 420 event.


Lighting-up on 420.


A much smaller haze rises over the crowd on 420.


The large crowd on the front lawn of Parliament.


Dressed for the occasion.




Canadian marijuana laws are set to change in July of 2018.


Boots & Bongs!


A lot of media were on hand to cover the event.


Great onesie!


YEP, that is a big fuckn rabbit!



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