Mayor Watson Brings NHL Outdoor Game and Lord Stanley to Ottawa

Mar 17th


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Canada’s favorite Mayor, Jim Watson, was part of a major announcement after his morning breakfast series.


Said to be one of the best Mayor’s Breakfasts, it certainly was the place to be this morning in Ottawa. NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, was the guest speaker with Lord Stanley in tow.

I did get to chat with a few people and catch up on the events around the city. Liam Maguire had his foot to the floor with all the Cup events and NHL stars in town. Roger Schmidt, Technical Director of the OLRT, was my wing-man for breakfast. We chatted about some of my images coming across his desk and the great news about Stage2 approvals from city staff.

Former NHLer, Jim Kyte, and I have many mutual friends and sorry I missed the chance to chat. He did not have a lot of down time with picture requests and business conversations. Hydro Ottawa CEO, Bryce Conrad, gave an excellent speech taking many jabs at the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Fin MacDonald, of Morrison Hershfield, was able to spare a few minutes near the end of the event to discuss Conflux Canada event coming to Ottawa on May 10th.

Gary Bettman had a very candid conversation with Ian Mendes about the Olympics, expansion to Quebec City and why the NHL outdoor game on Parliament Hill could not get done. I’m sure more than a few people left breakfast a bit more empathetic towards Mr Bettman today.

OSEG’s Bernie Ashe and Randy Burgess were also on hand for the worst kept secret in hockey, Lansdowne Park will host an NHL outdoor game between Ottawa and Montreal on December 16th, 2017. Mayor Watson noted, “You could say that it’s the icing on the cake.”

Big thanks to Sonia DiNino of LRO Staffing for the invite, it was a great way to start the day.


Lord Stanley made an appearance at Lansdowne Park.


A full house on hand in the building that CDS Building Movers relocated in 2012.


Hydro Ottawa CEO, Bryce Conrad, kicked off the speeches.


Mayor Jim Watson addresses a full Horticulture Building at his morning breakfast series.


Ian Mendes(L) chats with Gary Bettman.


NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, speaking about handing out the Stanley Cup after the finals.


Great to catch up with Roger Schmidt(R) of the OLRT.


Ian Mendes thanking Gary Bettman at the conclusion of the event.


Mayor Watson with Sonia DiNino of LRO Staffing.

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