Hydro Ottawa Doubles Green Energy Output At Chaudiere Falls Facility

Nov 6th


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Ottawa, Ont


Work in full swing at Hydro Ottawa’s Chaudiere Falls facility.

The newly refurbished 29-megawatt hydroelectric facility is really taking shape just 1.5 kms away from Parliament Hill. The Energy Ottawa project is to be completely below grade and have no visual impact to the public.

The Chaudiere Falls facility is Canada’s oldest hydroelectric station in operation and when complete will welcome public access with a spectacular pedestrian bridge crossing currently in place. Two of the oldest buildings on site will also be preserved and resurrected for use along side the walls of the power station.

“I am pleased that Hydro Ottawa is increasing its supply of green renewable energy.” noted Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson. Upon completion in 2017, Hydro Ottawa will own 100 per cent of this facility and produce green power for 20,000 homes.


Chaudiere Falls view from behind Parliament Hill.



View from the Rue Eddy Bridge.


Barge with lift located in the water at the Chaudiere Falls.


The ground-level public pedestrian bridge.


Old buildings to be refurbished for the new hydroelectric structure.


Trucks and cranes pumping tons of concrete in the new facility.


Water will be diverted under the pedestrian bridge and through the 4 massive doorways.


Hydro Ottawa’s Chaudiere Project is to be fully operational in 2017.


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  1. November 13, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Hi there. Great shots! Would it be possible to feature a few of your shots on my Instagram account Future of Ottawa? I’ll give you credit for your work.

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