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May 30th


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Team Building


Front Page Media Group is a proud member of the NCHCA.

Over the past several years Front Page Media Group has been #1 in event coverage. Producing the best possible content with images and videos for our clients comes easy as that is what we specialize in doing. Combined with going the extra mile, that is what we choose to build our relationships around.

We can easily demonstrate the greatest ROI (Return On Investment) and our photo/video services will be something no project, large or small, can go without.

Safety has never been more important and endorsed as it is today in the construction field. We have all the proper safety training and gear in our portfolio, and fully aware we may require more specific training for your project.

Benefits of our coverage extend across many platforms. An image and/or video coverage budget can be set up in advance and scaled you meet your every need. Samples of how our coverage has been used are listed below. 

Safety Reports

Our current project has daily safety meeting where photos & videos are often used to show potential problem locations or general safety inspector concerns.

Progress Reports

Progress reports come to life when photos are added. With an enhanced visual report, documentation is always well received.

Visual Quality Assurance

Across any platform to all personnel concerned, owners and managers can be supplied with visual information in near real-time.

Insurance & Warranty

Insurance companies and project managers alike take great security in having well documented progress and milestones always at their finger-tips.

Contractor Accountability

Shortcuts on any projects are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Having photographers/video equipment on site makes people more cautions and aware of their surroundings.

Historical Documentation/Permanent Record

Far to often at the inset of a major project, documentation is an after-thought or put on the back-burner. Never regret getting us onboard early even if our services will not be required until much further along in the project.

Off Site Updates

Tailor the content to anyone in the world who needs to be updated on progress.

Construction Milestones

With any project comes milestones and key moments in the build. These are often enjoyable moments that can be celebrated with team-building in mind.

VIP Visits

Having an on-site photographer engaged in your project can produce historical moments of important community members or other VIP’s to visit your site.

Information/Cost Sharing Between Contractors

With these large projects often there are several large contractors working together towards a common goal. Photo/video documentation content and costs can be shared between several contractors.


Our files have often been used as awards and gifts for employees and contractors. A small gesture of a framed photo goes
a long way.

Company PR

Through photo/video documentation, companies are able to promote themselves to their community or the world and show what amazing projects they have worked on past and present.

Employee Pride

Our last major project, the client noted they lost no man-hours to illness. They directly said the team took special pride in their work knowing they were being photographed and documented on such a historical project. They thanked us personally for that measurable savings to their company.

Remote Problem-Solving

Content can be shared around the world within minutes so off-site personnel can see and respond to potential issues.

Focused Coverage

Project Managers have often requested special coverage on a specific area of their project. This better helps them with problem solving and progress report updates.

Instant On-Line Project Galleries

Our content is secured and viewable on-line within 24 hours, usually same-day.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Being able to provide stakeholders with visual progress reports, provides comfort and assurance on many levels.

Project Managers Greatest Tool

Managers that have the task of filing progress reports love the ability of having digital images to attach with their detailed summaries.

Government/Public Viability

Having Front Page Media Group engaged in your project provides you with the added sense of security that the proper message is going out to the public. We often compile articles about the projects we work on with the clients consent.

Engineers/Architects Off-Site Tool

Engineers and Architects are often very busy, being able to look-in online at the progress of their work rather than having to visit the site, saves both time and money for everyone.

Aerial photography is also one of our specialties. A very affordable way to provide a real visual overview of your project. A single flight could provide you with up to 100 specialized images of your project. Clients are often amazed at the detail we achieve, they request multiple flights to document the entire project at predetermined milestones.

We would like to take the opportunity to discuss the details of your project and how we can work together to document, promote and share your next big venture.

CONTACT – Leon T. Switzer – 613-720-5111



Historical Milestones.


Project Overview.


Progress Updates.


Historical Demolition.


Multi-Media PR.


VIP Tours & Documentation.


Specific Coverage.




Worker Pride.


Quality Assurance.


Insurance & Warranty.


Specialized Equipment.


Key Moments & Milestones.


Historical Archive.


Working Conditions.


Engineer & Design Updates.


Aerial Photography.





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